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It has a rare feature: the central shutter, allowing to take hand held absolute pefect images (no mirror nor shutter vibrations)...The Fuji X100F will deliver similar image quality for less than half the price and without any of the Sony’s serious annoyances. Nevertheless, one can't compare an APSC sensor with a Full Frame sensor...The Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II is a full-frame, 42MP compact camera with a fixed 35mm F2 lens.The successor to the 24MP RX1R, the Mark II inherits a lot of technology from Sony's flagship a7R II mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this review, as it has made me all the more confident in my plans to purchase of a Fuji X100F for less than half the price. I think bigger and easy to grip body with a 35mm f1.4 lens would justify the price. Now that I have an A9, I am thinking of buying an RX1Rii as a companion.If the new 42mp sesore is expensive, put the 24mp or 36mp sensor. Instead of buying a 35mm GM for 00, the RX1II would be a better option, I think. I had the same experience a while back after buying a Canon G7X.

It certainly has NOTHING to do with the IQ horror on the DPreview's test scene of the RX1-R a couple years ago & again now of the RX1-RII. This is almost as hilarious as DXO's mark on the RX1-R that scored substantially lower than the original RX-1, which in 2 words is both LAUGHABLE & IMPOSSIBLE! DXO's ratings are, by the way, the industries greatest joke! What isn't obvious (to me) from the scene comparison tool is which setting was used for the anti-aliasing filter.

Anyway, this test scene has positively no resemblance of the true IQ coming out of this camera. Maybe I have missed something in the review text or switch on the tool - apologies if I have. But holy cow I would go mad dealing with issues like terrible battery life, molasses-slow startup times, infuriatingly poor menu GUI, and nickel and diming me to purchase apps for what should be standard features…

It looks to me as if the variable low-pass filter was set to 'full' and that may explain the strange softness and lack of definition. I am amazed at the amount of praise I see all over the place for Sony cameras in light of all their infuriating drawbacks. after paying such an exorbitantly high, Leica-esque purchase price for the camera. The entire concept of the RX1RII is the small size with ultimate image quality with the most optimal possible combination/compromises.

Though it sits above the RX1R II in price and offers a wider lens, a lot of photographers will see them as natural competitors - at least in spirit. The camera allows me to change aperture, speed, iso, has a good AF, a good VF, a good tilting screen. :-)Yeah, my comment was perhaps a bit extreme, lol.

What I find frustrating about this camera is that it's so good in some ways (resolution, dynamic range, low light performance, autofocus, video, portability) but so frustratingly and unnecessarily bad in others (poor ergonomics, inscrutable menu system, terrible manual focus control, inability to save MF settings in a preset.) Sure, it gives you the option to control myriad functions and settings, but doing so is so unintuitive and inefficient that I suspect most RX1R II owners rarely take advantage of all that control.

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