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Photo credit: first excavations of the site wasn’t carried out until almost 60 years later by another Russian archeologist who saw construction characteristics typical of Chinese architecture from the T’ang Dynasty.Based on an anecdotal evidence, the so-called Selenginsk inscription, the lead archeologist of the excavation S. Vainshtein offered that Por-Bazhyn was a defense fortress built by the second Uighur ruler, Boyan-Chur in 750CE.Vainshtein's hypothesis soon became the most widely accepted and disseminated by other investigators, even though it was based solely on speculation.In 2007, large-scale fieldwork was undertaken by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Oriental Museum, and Moscow State University.Byogyu-Kagan is known to have declared Manichaeism as state religion, and could have commissioned Por-Bazhyn as a Manichaeism monastery, which would explain the isolation.

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Since then the complex has been fascinating and frustrating experts in equal measure, because they are unable to tell who built it and why.

Por-Bazhyn was first explored in 1891 by a Russian archeologist who noticed similarity of the layout of Por-Bazhyn to that of Kara-Balgasun, the former capital of the Uighur empire that ruled for about a century between the mid 8th and 9th centuries.

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