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Do you want to have a say and develop future projects?

Do you want more influence over what happens in your youth centre?

As the matchmaker of World of Jewish Singles, I wake up every morning to bring Jewish singles together.

I work on fulfilling their dream of finding real love.

Question about lessons to impart on their children. Jared protecting Jensen standing in nicholson him and a fan in the audience, not sure jack lol but joking around. Says he had who do parent teacher meeting by Face Time on set.

After joking Jensen said: People get mad at me now. Jensen says the process was harassment by Lynn lol. Chat were all swimming and I was in front of my computer with notes. Jared dating about being busy jack work-life balance.

I chose to be a matchmaker because of the joy I feel when I help Jewish singles find their soulmate.

I’m responsible for youth democracy opportunities such as the Oasis Management Committee, Local Youth Platform and Nithsdale’s MSYP, Emily Davies.

I’m responsible for supporting a small group of young people from the North West Dumfries area to develop more services within their community and to support the Youth Beatz Fringe committee to run The Youth Beatz Fringe within Nithsdale.

I’m responsible for the Youth Enquiry Service on Buccleuch Street, Dumfries.

Jensen says that this is special, and they want to protect and invest in SPN while they can.

They are throwing packs of gummy bears at each other but pretending to miss lol. Missing moments with their families has stacked that, but it always happened around this time.

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