3d dating rpg games

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- Activity feed access - 3rd latest version of the game a month before it is shared with the public - Currently v0.86.D19 (Content through Day 19) The Staff maintain the grounds of the school and make sure to clean up any signs of illicit activities between students, staff and teachers!However, if you would like to be a part of the creative process, participate in polls to determine future development, receive early access to the content as it is created, then please do support me with whatever pledge is comfortable for you. Letting me know via a pledge that you appreciate my work is a major incentive to me and will act as motivation to continue working as hard as I can to create an interesting story and erotic artwork. Those who pledge will have direct input into what I create and where the story goes.While I have some particular scenarios already planned I will absolutely make this game what my Patrons would like it to be. Patrons at a certain level of support will get early access to the latest content as I create it as well as custom created scenes by request.

I get things done but if I have someone who will take over the coding of RPG Maker I will devote all of my time to new scenes and more artwork. This version has all the content up through Day 18 of the game. She is quite skilled in magic but her personality is, well, a little abrasive...alright, alright, she is a total strong feeling that some events will happen in the near future to begin creating an attitude adjustment in the way that Tara treats others and this will in turn have an impact on how everyone acts towards her.

I am enjoying this creative process and I find myself spending an ungodly amount of time trying to get things just right, so if you are willing to support me at any level I will appreciate it greatly!

Reepyr The Students are absolutely necessary for the school to even exist!

(Here is Tara learning how to get along better with another student) Final Thoughts I am planning on updating the game frequently with smaller updates (one per month) rather than waiting months to have a larger update.

This will allow patron's to see the progress on a regular basis and make it so that even if you choose a reward that is one or two versions behind the current one, it will not be that much of a gap in seeing the latest content.

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