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R & Christian rapper BEN VEREEN: Actor PAT BOON: Singer R. Davis “Alice” on the Brady Bunch Donna Douglas – actress (“Ellie May Clampett” on “Beverly Hillbillies”) Kim Fields – actor, “Facts of Life”(“Tootie”) Andy Griffith – actor, “Andy Griffith Show” Charlton Heston – actor”The Ten Commandments” Gavin Mc Leod – actor Captain Stubing on “The Love Boat” Chuck Norris – actor”Walker Texas Ranger”. – Actor-(“I pity the Fool who ain’t know Christ”) Ben Vereen – Actor Lisa Whelchel – actress, “The Facts of Life”(“Blair) Desmond Wilson – actor (“Lamont Sanfor Famous Christian Sports people and their stories Dikembe Mutombo – professional basketball player. But Meadowlark gave his life to Christ and now preaches the gospel. Jimmy Blacklock is another former Globetrotter who is now a Christian. Mike Barber, formerly a Houston Oiler starter, now ministers the gospel to inmates in prison and has a program on TBN. Cooper – “Father of aerobics” Michael Faraday* Jim Irwin* – astronaut, Ark Hunter Samuel Morse* Isaac Newton* – inventor, scientist Louis Pasteur* Hugh Ross – physicist Francis Schaeffer – theologian and thinker Wright Brothers* People who are well known because of their efforts or careers in ministry include: Kay Arthur, Jim Baker, Gary Bauer, David Berkowitz, Bill Bright, Larry Burkett, Ryne Hart Bonke, Corrie Ten Boom, Michael Brown, Tony Campollo, David (Paul) Yonggi Cho, Chuck Colson, Kenneth Copeland, James Dobson, Elisabeth Elliot, Jim Elliot, Tony Evans, Charles Finney, Jerry Fallwell, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, John Haggai, Hank Hannigraf, Marilyn Hickey, Steve Hill, Benny Hinn, Rees Howells, Bill Hybels, Calvin Johnson Jr., Grant Jeffries, Ben Kinshlo, Paul Krouch, Nicky Cruz, Hubert Lindsey, Hal Lindsey, David Livingstone, Crawford Loritz, Max Lucado, Peter Marshall, Bill Mc Cartney, Josh Mc Dowell, Walter Martin, Dwight Moody, George Mueller, Larry Poland, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Dave Roever, Robert Schuller, Demias Shekarian, Robert Slairden, Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, Hudson Taylor, A. Tozer, Kevin Turner, John Wesley, Susana Wesley, David Wilkerson, Ravi Zacharius.Indeed, doctors have found a marked improvement in his condition. – Actor Russ Tamblyn – actor (“Peyton Place”, “West Side Story”, etc.) Ben Vereen – Actor Paul Walker – movie star (“Varsity Blues”, “Meet the Deedles”, “The Fast and the Furious”, etc.) Robert Walker – actor (“Strangers on a Train”, etc.) Lisa Whelchel – actress, “The Facts of Life” Johnny Whitaker – actor (“Family Affair”) Demond Wilson – actor (“Lamont Sanford”) Marie Windsor – movie star Heather Young – TV star (“Land of Giants”) Loretta Young – movie star (Best Actress Academy Award for “The Farmer’s Daughter”) Warren Duffy – radio talk show host, KKLA. Eric Liddell* – Olympic Gold Medalist, “Chariots of Fire” Jesse Owens* – professional track athlete Davey Allison* – professional race car driver. Mary Joe Fernandez – professional tennis player Jeff Gordon – professional car racer Evander Holyfield – profession boxer. Dave Thomas – founder, Wendy’s Sam Walton – founder, Walmart Zig Ziggler – motivational speaker Oswald Chambers* – author, My Utmost for His Highest; G. Chesterton – science fiction, mystery, non-fiction, Orthodoxy Tim Lehaye – author, “Left Behind”. Norman Vincent Peale* – author, Power of Positive Thinking; Frank Peretti – author, This Present Darkness; Charles Sheldon* – author, In His Steps Charles Spurgeon* – author Danielle Steele – author J. Barbara Fairchild – country singer Ernie Ford* – country musician Larry Gatlin – country music singer Barbara Mandrell – country musician Dolly Parton – country musician Kevin Sharp – country music star Steve Amerson – musician, “To the Ends of the Earth” Randy Bachman – member of Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive; “Takin’ Care of Business” Tal Bachman – contemporary, guitar, Emmy winner Backstreet Boys – singing group Philip Bailey – musician, formerly with the band Earth Wind & Fire Margaret Becker – contemporary Christian musician. Kelley – Mainstream singer Gladys Knight – of “Gladys Knight and the Pips”; pop; R & B Patti Labell – Singer Mylon Lefevre – contemporary Christian musician. House of Representative, former professional football player. On that note, let me close with a mention of actor/singer/dancer Ben Vereen, best known for his role in the TV mini-series “Roots.” A few years ago, he had a stroke while driving, resulting in multiple car accidents in which he received life-threatening injuries. Bob Larson – radio talk show host Dawson Mc Alister – radio talk show host Janet Parshall – radio talk show host, “Janet Parshall’s America”. TV/Movie Producers and Directors Don Bluth – animation director/producer (Land Before Time; Titan A. Greene – former professional basketball player Hersey Hawkins – professional basketball player Meadowlark Lemon – former basketball player, Harlem Globetrotters Pete Maravich* – professional basketball player. Mark Price – former professional basketball player. Todd Huston – mountain climber, motivational speaker, amputee. Charlie Plumb – motivational speaker, former Vietnam P. Jody Benson – Broadway star; voice of “The Little Mermaid” Ray Boltz – contemporary Christian musician Boyz II Men – singing group James Brown – singer Alice Cooper – rock singer Rick Cua – formerly with the band “The Outlaws”, contemporary Christian musician Carman – contemporary Christian musician/evangelist Steven Curtis Chapman – contemporary Christian musician; Bob Carlisle – contemporary Christian musician Dino – contemporary Christian musician John Elefante – formerly with the band “Kansas”, contemporary Christian musician. Mark Farmer – formerly with the band “Grand Funk”, contemporary Christian musician Don Francisco – contemporary Christian musician Bill Gaither – traditional Gospel singer. Glen Leonard – of the Temptations Willie Lewis – singer, “The Platters” Kerry Livgren – formerly with the band “Kansas”, contemporary Christian musician. However, after years of suffering, Vereen testifies to having been divinely healed and now being able to dance again. Tolkien – author, The Hobbit MC Hammer – rap musician.”he’s a dancin machine” Run DMC – rap group John Tesh – musician. E.; The Secret of NIMH; etc.) Richard Dutcher – director/screenwriter/actor (Girl Crazy; God’s Army) Kieth Merrill (Academy award-winning IMAX director; “The Great American Cowboy; “Amazon”, etc.) Jerry Molen – movie producer (Schindler’s List; Jurassic Park, Twister; Hook; Rain Man; etc.) Richard Rich – animation director (The King and I; The Black Cauldron) Ken Wales – producer, “Christy” Michael Warren – producer, “Family Matters” Martha Williamson – executive producer “Touched by an Angel”. Mike Singletary – former professional football player Gene Stallings – former college football coach Emmitt Smith – professional football player Reggie White – former professional football player. Mary Lou Retton – former gymnastics athlete, Olympic Gold Medalist Jesse Romero – world chamption kick boxer Sheila Taormina – Olympic medalist, swimming. Babbie Mason – contemporary Christian musician Denise Matthews – formerly “Vanity” with Prince. As I said before, I cannot vouch for the faith and commitment of all these who ascribe to Christianity. Lewis – author of fantasy, science fiction, and non-fiction Christian books such as Mere Christianity J. John Woo – director, “Mission Impossible II”, “Broken Arrow” Kim Alexis – professional model Jane Clayson – co-anchor, “The Early Show” with Bryant Gumbel Howard Finster – former preacher turned artist Jeff Foxworthy – comedian Kathie Lee Gifford – television talk show host Johnny Hart – cartoonist, “B. Truett Cathy – founder Chick-Fil-A Cecil Day* – founder Day’s Inn Arthur De Moss – businessman and author, founder, De Moss Foundation H. Heinz* – founder, Heinz ketchup Leonard Lesord – founder “Guidepost Magezine” Norm Miller – Chairman of the Board, Interstate Batteries Lowell “Bud” Paxxon – founder PAX-TV. Rich Mullins* – contemporary Christian musician Larry Norman – first Christian rock performer. President Samuel Adams John Ashcroft – former Missouri Gov.

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