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They were good athletes, and they were very tough competitors.

They knew no fear, and they could strike fear in the hearts of any slackers on their teams.

He made the wise decision, and decided to play football. He was, so far as I’m concerned, the first soccer-style kicker in the US (that was 1953). In his three years in Denver, he made the Pro Bowl as a punter, averaging 44.1 yards per kick. A present-day "James" (not Jim - ever notice that parents don’t use nicknames anymore?

) Fraser would go home and tell his parents what had happened, and they would hire a lawyer, who would contact the Headmaster, who would fire the coach and expel the Lassen twins. And bring in an expert to talk to the remaining students about the horrors of bullying.

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My freshman year, a new kid, a junior named Jim Fraser, arrived at school, and he turned out for soccer.

6 PM - FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL AROUND - DINNER *********** I was out walking my dog Memorial Day morning when a neighbor asked if my wife and I wanted to join the “Parade” some of the neighbors were having - a Memorial Day parade down our street to the Vietnam memorial in town. Along the way, we passed the fire station, and as some of the firemen stood outside - one of them the husband of one of the marchers - they turned the engine lights on and hit the horn.

Two dads holding American flags stood in the middle of the one busy street we had to cross and held up traffic for us. At the monument, they asked the kids to sit around it so they could see the speaker - one of the dads who told the kids as briefly as possible what Memorial Day was about, with a little bit of the history behind it. *********** Memorial Day also happened to be the 100th anniversary of the World War I Battle of Cantigny, the battle which earned the Americans of the 28th Infantry Regiment the nickname “Black Lions of Cantigny.” Although not a major battle, it was extremely important in establishing the principle that American troops would serve under American commanders.

He was a big kid, about 6-3, 215, and he was quite athletic. Because his dad, Tom, had played soccer on the national team in his native Scotland, and Jim had played it all his life.

One day shortly after his arrival at GA, for some reason he gave up soccer and turned out for the football team.

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