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But the idea of seeking out someone special online stuck, and later she checked out Plentyof The profile of Lucas Snyder, also of Fargo, caught her eye, she said.Young adults are trying to launch or build their careers and may feel less comfortable hanging out in bars.For those who are new to the area and haven’t yet established social circles, online dating “has been great.” It’s “a very useful tool to break outside of your social bubble,” said Dan Dewald, 29, of Fargo.

“I was right outside Minneapolis.”But the experience didn’t sour him on online dating, he said.“That was one event that didn’t work out, but with others, potentially, it will.”Online dating is good for one’s confidence, he said, and has reduced his fear of rejection.“You’re meeting new people; it’s taking you out of your comfort zone,” he said.

“People should think through how they are going to present themselves online,” she said. ”When preparing a profile, “all of us want to look good,” but people should realize their “little white lies” will probably surface later.‘Meet like-minded people’It isn’t surprising that online dating has caught on, especially among young people who have finished their schooling, Edwards said.“It makes sense to me that we would go to online dating.

The Internet is a good part of our life,” she said.

“I don’t want to find someone with mirror interests, but rather, do our personalities mesh in a way that leads to a relationship that works?

” Because there’s no long-term data related to online dating, it’s too early to know whether such promises are valid, Edwards said.

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