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To lie to your spouse about your transgender activities, is a free ticket to divorce court. At the very least, you are creating a communication barrier - which is never healthy.I know this really sucks for those of you who either haven't told her, or waited too long initially.However, it's my feeling you shouldn't do it without her consent. To date, I've never known anyone to be recognized - unless they wanted to be.Naturally, the optimal situation is for her to always join you. If you live in a small town, where going out is impractical for reasons of discretion, you'll have to fit it in during your out of town travels. The only time this concern is heightened is if you're out - with your spouse.My first drink barely hit my lips, because my hands were shaking so badly.I ended up having a fun night, but that first hour was hell!I had done the steps in my home, etc.- but after a few drinks, the pot holes in the parking lot, people banging into me, and unusual surroundings - even the the most adept heel walker can be challenged. If I'm traveling, or in a more laid back atmosphere, the red dress you see on the left is my typical attire.

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Her confidence and experience will help you feel more comfortable.Although I understand their trepidation, I don't appreciate it cutting into my precious fem time.If you are going out with an experienced GF, this little challenge will most likely already be resolved.In fact, I've found once people do it, it pretty much changes their whole life as a TG.Before we start all this…Here's a few other similar sections you also might want to check out: If you are are worried about the actual details, we'll address that in upcoming sections.

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