Anti rules dating

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If you have disabled family or friends, please make the effort to listen and learn about their lives and their experiences.Disabled folks are subject to shaming and violence because humans are awful and lack empathy. Lara Witt is an intersectional feminist writer, the managing editor of Wear Your Voice Magazine and a digital media consultant based in Philadelphia.It is crucial for cishet men to learn how to decenter their male privilege in order for them to understand the multitudes of interpretations of femininity and womanhood. Walk away from anyone who believes that “boys will be boys” and that women are supposed to be mothers because we’re nothing but ambulatory incubators.

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I can’t imagine being with someone who is transphobic; as a feminist and woman of color, it would be a betrayal of what I stand for.Be mindful of others who mock disabled people; that kind of cruelty is inexcusable. She writes about self-care, pop culture and deconstructing systems of oppression.Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, BUST Magazine, ELLE and more.As a queer femme of color, I keep close relationships with people who go beyond allyship; they’re true accomplices in the fight against white supremacy, queerphobia, and misogyny.If you’re not going to support marginalized folks, then we can’t be friends, let alone date. Beyond the lovely cushioning, happiness and support that we receive from our platonic relationships (which are, in all honesty, soul-feeding and essential), feminists also date!

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