Are quinn and santana dating single dating ottawa

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It had been amazing and Aubrey was happier than she ever had been. It's now or never - who does she think she's fooling? Gun Brooke, Written Sword, jehc, jazwriter, redcharcoal, and Crazy Be Cat. The party is over and Andy is the only one left apart from Miranda. The snow is falling, the fire is burning, and the wine is pouring...

It happened over the summer when no one was looking and no one could comment. Tori thinks that doing it will end badly but there is only one way to find out. Respectfully dedicated to the authors of the stories I return to again and again. Jane / Maura Alex decides to take an overworked Olivia to her family's cabin in Montauk for a week.

They will make her see how evil the mayor is at any cost. And why is she suddenly so affected by Jane's burning gaze? "]Jane is receiving an award and invites Maura to attend. While researching the American Dream to own a home for an Independence Day article, Andy uncovers information that may prove helpful to Miranda, if she dares to contact her former boss. But, what happens one day when her hot brunette neighboor finds out? When she wakes up she is in the Volturi Castle, she is made an offer she cannot refuse. What happens when Santana and Rachel are paired up to sing a duet? Rachel's heart is broken to pieces and Santana comes along and is determined to make her whole again, and they end up falling in love. Through a series of heinous crimes involiving drugs, rape, and murder by someone surprisingly familiar, Olivia and Alex discover they want to be more than friends.

When Andy's life is on the line, Miranda can't keep away any longer. Getting lost again, but only for a moment, she continued, "I have feelings for someone that I don't believe will ever feel the same about me. A little glimpse into their shared holiday, while Alex may go more than a little overboard when it comes to Noah's gifts. Ruby decides to show the girls how to play a little drinking game. Rape] Start's during the Department of Mysteries part of OOTP. Rated MA Swan Queen AU Story: Regina is Mayor of Storybrooke but feels something is missing in her life and Emma is a fed up police detective in Boston and due to Graham & Zelena they end up venturing into a chat room, where an online pest brings them to talk one another and things progress from there with the odd surprise along the way. Rachel isn't over her now ex boyfriend Finn who had gotten back together with Quinn and this just won't do. Swan Queen AU: When Emma Swan, a homeless ex-con, comes across a lost boy at the park, she meets Regina Mills, the mayor and single mother, and the two form a special bond.

What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve kissing? Andy in turn, loves her new job at the Mirror, but hurts every time she sees her from a distance. She looked down at her hands in her lap and then up to Emma's eyes. Alex and Olivia are celebrating Christmas together for the first time. Just Regina and Emma, cutting loose while sipping on some shots at Granny's.

So I'm willing to say anything and everything especially if it shocks the shit out of somebody.3. And apparently stays forever because I couldn't keep this to the oneshot I originally envisioned. Nothing seems to be wrong but in reality Shego's life gets turned upside down. Miley and Lilly are in a club when Miley steals Lilly away from her boyfriend Oliver.

No, I don't do social media because once you get to know me you quickly discover I have no filter or censor. After a summer apart, Jane drops by for a surprise visit during her girlfriend Maura's first month of college. AKA PLEASE STOP ASKING ME WHEN IT'S GOING TO UPDATE. Eight years later the divided Cullen family reunite in Denali and come face to face with their past. A theft goes wrong and Shego gets cursed by an Egyptian God.

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