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But if you intend move back to your country in the medium term, this is not a problem. New York Working hours and Work-Life balance: Expect 100 hours/week to be the standard in New York, very few weekends to enjoy, with a maximum of 2 weeks holidays if lucky (more likely to be a week).

In London, hours are more reasonable (70 ), a good number of weekends can be free of work, you will have at least 5 weeks holidays, not to mention that August and December are very quiet.

Other cost are also about the same, except from transportation which is more expensive in London (but you'll use taxis to go back and forth to the office anyway). New York Salaries and bonuses at the junior level are pretty much in line between the two cities and this will remain the case so as not to have a massive exodus to one of the two cities.

On an after-tax basis, tax rates are roughly the same, except for very high salaries, where NY has an advantage given the new tax system in the UK (50% tax above £150,000 earnings).

Therefore, most investment banks in the US will not bother to look at CVs of international applicants: the United States is a very big country, and the talent pool in the US is sufficiently large for their needs.

Also, the domestic market is very active: M&A volumes in the US are always larger that what you can see in Europe.

Therefore, from a general perspective, Americans tend to be better at financial modelling due to their more extensive experience, and they are used to handle a lot of stress compared to their European counterparts.

A significant downside of working in NY however is that working in New York will not give you a "global" perspective of the investment banking business.

For example, you won’t work on many cross-border transactions.

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