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Instead of getting dressed, she left her bikini on and pranced around the house.

I loved watching my wife roam around almost naked, in fact she made me horny as hell again.

After listening to my wife’s fantasies, I told her that when I was in college, one night my roommate and I got drunk and beat off together.

Vicki walked in about fifteen-minutes after I shot my load.When the nine o’clock news came on, Vicki sat down next to me on the sofa. ” That night, we got in bed and screwed each other’s brains out. I got out of bed, took a quick shower, and went downstairs.She turned to me and asked, “Did I really turn you on today? Watching you, and watching Gene stare at you and rub his cock, that’s when I shot my load. I found Vicki in the kitchen, topless, and that has never happened before.I understood what motivated Gene to come out and gawk at Vicki, she is hot and he was horny. I continued to watch Gene just stare my wife and rub his cock, and I began to stare at her myself and rub my cock.While Gene has stayed in great shape, his wife Tammy quit trying a long time ago. After a couple of minutes of admiring Vicki’s big tits bounce around, and observing just how hot her ass looked wiggling from side to side in her bikini, I pulled my cock out and pumped it, and pumped it.

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