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SSGA is also, according to Wikipedia, the world’s third-largest asset manager, managing more than .4 trillion in assets in 2014.And, like any good capitalist behemoth, it has some shady dealings in its history — like the time the SEC charged State Street with misleading investors during the subprime mortgage crisis.In Canada, Dalhousie law professor Elaine Craig recently said in a draft paper for the Canadian Bar Review that Judge Gregory Lenehan, who in March acquitted Halifax cab driver Bassam Al-Rawi of sexual assault, unfairly stereotyped the complainant as a "promiscuous party girl." "Judge Lenehan's speculation, implausible conclusions and legally incorrect reasoning were informed by the stereotype that unchaste women, or promiscuous party girls, will consent to sex with anyone,'' Craig wrote in the legal paper.."How could such a pornographic, hypersexualized account of human female behaviour arise in a legal proceeding in 2017?"We know that the law doesn’t work for gender violence survivors," she told Huff Post."Many of the myths and assumptions and forms of skepticism that we see from judges approaching rape victims and other kinds of sexual assault victims are likely to be present in stealthing cases." One woman, who chose to remain anonymous, recalls her experience with stealthing in the study where she said her assailant dismissed her claims of any wrongdoing.'' "The logic of this stereotype turns on the assumption that drunk women will have sex with anyone, anywhere, any time,'' she later added.

The girl “is a remarkable evolution for Wall Street.” The girl might even represent “the turning point of gender equality in corporate America.” The girl “celebrates all the people who resisted by staying in place.” If installed permanently, the girl would be “a constant source of strength” for women who work in the vicinity.Imagine having sex with a man, agreeing beforehand to use protection, only to find out that he removed the condom during intercourse.That's what a dangerous new sex trend called "stealthing" is all about.Or the class-action lawsuit brought against it for mismanaging retirement funds.Or the over million that the company agreed to pay in January to settle fraud charges brought by the government, as Nick Pinto pointed out in the .

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