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By the time they reached the site it was getting late and in that the ship was so high up on the cliffside to see firsthand without special equipment of somekind they made a notation of where it was located and went back to camp, planning to return the next day with ropes and such.

That evening at PM the 1933 Long Beach earthquake hit, destroying a great deal around them including their campsite.

"One version of the legend says their ship sank in the Gulf, and the survivors swam ashore and were taken in by the Mayo Indians.

Even today, the Mayos sometimes produce children with blond hair and blue eyes, and say that they are descendants of the strangers that married into the tribe in ancient times.

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california dating married rosa santa woman-63

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We had cut through Death Valley, Baker, Nipton and into Searchlight, Nevada when he decided rather than crossing the Colorado River over Hoover Dam by turning north, we would instead, vere south and parallel the river toward Yuma.

So too, after searching most of the day climbing over rocks, boulders, and landscapes they no longer recognized they were unable to find the canyon wall or the ship, the earthquake apparently covering all traces.

During the week between the time of the earthquake and they returned, Myrtle Botts, who worked in a library, researched what type ship the vessel they saw might be.

"Others say that the fair-haired foreigners sailed farther up the Gulf and were never seen again.

If, as some revisionist geographers insist, the Imperial Valley was once an extension of the Gulf of California, then the ship could have run aground on what are now the Tierra Blanca Mountains.

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