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This fascinating progress is presented below through the careful selection of the mobiles that were the first to hit a technology mile-stone.

Many have influenced the entire industry and changed the functions and performance of a product that we all carry around every day.

Ericsson T36 – the first mobile with blue-tooth (2000) 25.

Samsung SPH-M100 – the first mobile with MP3 player (2000) 26.

Motorola Razr V3 (2004) – Setting a trend for thinness (2004) 32.Motorola Micro TAC – some firsts in size and design (1989) 5.Orbitel 901 – the first GSM mobile and the first to receive a commercial SMS text message (1992) 6.Apple i-phone – igniting the smartphone and mobile data revolution (2007) 41.Samsung SCH-B710 – First 3-D mobile phone Camera (2007) 42.

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