Challenges of dating a divorced father

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Every parent knows this, but you have to find out yourself anyway: having a child is hugely stressful on a relationship. We talked, we tried different approaches to parenting, we worked with counselors, we went to workshops and seminars.

But that fateful day came to pass where we just realized that, kids or no kids, we were really not making it as a couple and were both perpetually unhappy and resentful. Theoretically, to have a break from each other, but I could read the writing on the wall and started preparing myself for what ended up being a long, contentious divorce.

Suddenly life was about a lot more than just being the drill instructor and I didn't know how to handle it. All new because I couldn't rely on mom to be the sympathetic parent.

It was rocky, and there were definitely moments I look back on with great sadness and disappointment.

Even if you receive child support from your ex, money may be a little too tight for comfort.Like going from tag-team wrestling to having to take on the other opponent solo.Worse, in a lot of situations, far from "having your back", your ex can be eagerly waiting to point out your failings, digging that knife in just a bit deeper, while telling the children "daddy has issues, but at least you have me." I think it's tougher on us men, however, because we aren't raised to nurture and be empathetic.Couples get together with the very best of intentions, full of hopes and dreams, white picket fences, 2.5 kids, or even a penthouse uptown.A life together, a future as a team, and perhaps some little people added to the mix.

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