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The gradual assimilation of Lorraine into the French sphere of influence started with the reign of Duke Raoul, who succeeded in 1329 and spent most of his reign at the court of Philippe VI King of France.

Theodericus..Lotharingi et marchio, after fili me Frounica..Hara became nuns Frounica in Romarico-monte et Hara in Buxeriis, donated property to Bouxires by charter dated [misdated].

The duchy of Lorraine was the rump of the early medieval duchy of Upper Lotharingia, centred on Nancy.

The difficulty is pinpointing the date when "Lotharingia" transformed into "Lorraine".

Such a daughter could not have been born later than 1072 at the latest.

Considering that Hedwig gave birth to two children by her husband Gerhard von Spplingenburg who died in 1075, such a birth date appears incompatible with Duke Simon's wife having given birth to at least seven children, even if their marriage took place as early as [1112/13] as suggested by Poull.

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