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In the UK, this is in the form of the List of Wastes Directive.However, the list (and EWC) gives a broad definition (EWC Code 16 02 13*) of what is hazardous electronic waste, requiring "waste operators" to employ the Hazardous Waste Regulations (Annex 1A, Annex 1B) for refined definition.Some exporters are accused of deliberately leaving difficult-to-recycle, obsolete, or non-repairable equipment mixed in loads of working equipment (though this may also come through ignorance, or to avoid more costly treatment processes).Protectionists may broaden the definition of "waste" electronics in order to protect domestic markets from working secondary equipment.

In A 2011 report, "Ghana E-Waste Country Assessment", found that of 215,000 tons of electronics imported to Ghana, 30% were brand new and 70% were used.Of the used product, the study concluded that 15% was not reused and was scrapped or discarded.This contrasts with published but uncredited claims that 80% of the imports into Ghana were being burned in primitive conditions.As of 2013, Apple has sold over 796 million i Devices (i Pod, i Phone, i Pad).Cell phone companies make cell phones that are not made to last so that the consumer will purchase new phones.

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