Christian advice for dating relationships

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I could definitely relate to the longing and desire to have someone to share your whole life with. I gave her some well-meaning advice which I hope she took on board, but it got me thinking; if I could speak to my younger self, what would I say? What do you think, Hopeful Girl – can you really stay friends with an ex?

Recently I was speaking to a friend about marriage, and as I listened to them talk about how much they wanted to be married, I felt like I was looking at a younger version of myself. ‘My girlfriend and I recently split up,’ said the Facebook message. I don’t want to lose her from my life, but I’m still hurting from the break-up and find it painful to be around her.

Bottom line: play hard to get, as hard to get as you can.

The reasoning behind it: men love a good challenge and the more you distance yourself from them the harder they will work to catch you.

Have you ever been to a Christian event and thought, ‘Where are all the single people?

’ Last year I went to a Christian conference and spent the whole week thinking this exactly as I looked across a sea of worshipping hands with wedding rings on.

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