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Lonely spouse only emails you with matches that will feel will work for the event you dont need any emails sent you can basically block that feature at any time. Of course, I’ll tell you that they’re all assclowns and make you feel torn should you so much as hint about their well-placed dislike of me, but they are right–I just haven’t wanted you to agree with them. I mean, isn’t that what people who genuinely care about and love something or someone, are prepared to do? I can barely commit to showing up in a week, never mind to do something as bloody scary as genuine vulnerability.I just want to know that you’re there, like a comfort blanket.In short, the answer is care about you, that you’re not in touch with me.You rationalise that they don’t ‘get’ me or the relationship and that they’ll judge you/us, but your friends, family, co-workers and even the woman who saw you crying in the park the other day, are totally right about me. It’s not something I like to admit, but if I look at my actions in the cold light of day, particularly when I consider how much pain you’ve been in, I realise that if I really, truly loved you, I would stop what I’m doing, even though it would mean letting you go.

When you have the good sense to scream at me that you’re ‘done’, to cut me off and refuse to reply to my texts or pick up my calls, or you even try to move on with someone else, I know that you feel bad about it and doubt whether you are right to do what you’re doing (you are).Find a lonely housewife who wants to hookup right now! The internet has opened lots of doors by making it easy to have a discreet extramarital affair.Set up your FREE private profile and find someone to satisfy your sexual needs!I like your ‘goodness’ sheltering me from the truth of who I am.I like knowing that someone like you wants to be with someone like me, even though I also know that I can’t give you what you want.

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