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Kong), who lost a lot of product and one of his lieutenants in a fire the week before.

Duclair accompanies Tao to the location of this fire and provides his expertise -- "like an arson investigator" -- to determine who burned the place down and what means was used to do this.

Duclair escapes, hijacks a car and flees to a dead-end road where he enters the Ewa Forest Reserve and starts setting fires as a cover for his escape.

Of course the team (now including Rey, despite Grover's objections) has to follow him into the conflagration.

Danno goes to visit Rey, who is still mulling over whether she wants to be part of Five-Zero.

who isn't afraid to break the rules a little bit." Mc Garrett tells her that Chin now heads up his own Five-Zero-style task force in San Francisco (something foreseen in S07E25), as if her joining Five-Zero could be the road to bigger and better things.

Probably because Rey (and Rath, like another Canadian actor, Michael J.

Danno lays on a lot of baloney about how, despite the fact that Mc Garrett can seem like a wild and crazy guy, "there is nobody out there you'd rather have having your back than him." Danno seems to be acting very chummy with Rey, almost as if there is a hint of a future relationship between the two of them, especially when he starts comparing her to Kono.

One can hardly criticize Danno for being this way with her, since she is gorgeous-looking.

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