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Just login to your account and go to your Manage Devices page.There you will see a list of your activated devices, with a “Deactivate” button next to each one.For details on how to license a flash drive, please check the Activation Manual.The process of moving your authorizations, or otherwise installing and authorizing your PA plugins to a new computer is very simple. You will see all of your currently activated computers and USB drives under 'Activated Devices'.

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If this happens, you can use the "Deactivate" button on the Manage Devices page to delete your "old" machine.If you click on each one, a menu will open where you can download the installers you need along with plugin manuals and factory presets.Download and run the installers for the plugins you want and the next time you use a plugin, you will be prompted to authorize it, if you've never previously done so on the new machine.The same would apply to the other user and in this case there would be no need to authorize both the computer and the individual USB drives.If you have multiple accounts with Plugin Alliance and would like to consolidate the licenses from both of them into just one account, please contact our support team who will be able to accommodate this change.

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