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Finding a partner who shares your morals, values, language and culture is so vital when seeking a quality relationship, so we are connecting Assyrians with potential partners with whom they can really identify and fall in love!Preserving the Assyrian culture and way of life is so vital to those who cherish it.The new Assyrian dating site, found online at Assyrian, will be a resource for single Assyrians all over the world.As the creators of the new website explain, "The Assyrian culture is rich and vibrant, representing an extraordinarily special way of life, and since Assyrians may live in virtually any part of the world today, we want to make it truly easy for them to reach out to others who share this special history and culture.The North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, made up of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, conducted the sting.

As the website owners say, "Preserving the Assyrian culture and way of life is so vital to those who cherish it.The operation, called Cupid’s Arrow, had officers pose as children or as parents soliciting their children for sex in chat rooms, dating sites and social media, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office reported in a press release.Arrests were made when the men arrived at what they believed would be a rendezvous with the girl, but were instead greeted by officers.Today, many Assyrians are scattered around the globe with heavy concentrations in Iraq, Syria, the United States, and throughout much of Europe.Assyrians often come from families where tradition is important and have been raised celebrating Assyrian culture and customs; however, meeting other Assyrians who share these values can be challenging.

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