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he was married a long time and divorce is just recent.

the thing that bothers me most i guess is his saying she cant move back once she is gone.

According to Hugo Schwyzer, this age dynamic is sexist and hurts men and women alike.

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Why can't she stay with a friend, family I am sure someone can give her a room for a few days if she's living in the same house it's not really over the way I c it anyway I would never let me x stay with me nor would I stay in the same house as my x!!They have children, married over 15 years, and the ex has had job for one year, trying to get on her feet to get her own home. Several issues but one big one is - he says once she moves out she cannot come back, well no sh#@ right? It is possible for people to do nice things, even if they are ex-wives. but it seems strange eventhough it is true he is a good guy trying to help her out as he says in the long run it helps him too. Or he is genuinely try to help someone he was attached to for 15 years?"No good deed is selfless and simply kindhearted"That is not true at all. But, people can be nice, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the mother of their children.While I dont disagree with the poster above me, I think in this situation you need to put yourself in his shoes a little. Maybe Gymgirlie is right or maybe he is a man of loyalty.

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