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I wanted to help her and was sure that others would want to help, too.

So I spread the word among friends and family, and household goods started pouring in.

Some of the children had their feet measured for the first time, and shoes that fitted correctly and were comfortable.’ Contact your local school and ask how you can donate a book, toy, school shoes or a gift card for uniforms.

Many schools have welfare officers who know which families might be in need of help.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to pay back people’s kindness.’Sometimes what people need is assistance rather than goods. ‘Everyone has the power to do something for nothing.

If everyone, in every city, did one thing for nothing, we could change the world,’ says Josh Coombes, a hairdresser who founded a movement called Do Something For Nothing after he began giving free haircuts to homeless people.

You could:• Bake a cake for someone.• Mow a lawn.• Offer to help with filling in a form.• Mend someone’s clothes.• Help someone with their tax return.• Share your skill – teach someone what you know so they can pass on the kindness.

When you’re out in the world and spot someone struggling, see if you can help them on their way.

Are they grappling to find change for the bus, or re-tapping a travel card that’s not working? Something as simple as paying for someone’s journey has the potential to turn around their whole day. When we give something to someone, they feel closer to us, and we also feel closer to them.

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