Dating antique emerson fans

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Attached Image (viewed 4079 times): Hi Tom, Do you see these date codes on many of the 29s you restore?Below is the date code on my later, built to last badge 28646, in the lower right hand corner. Watching the Fanfair auction fans last week I was checking date codes on many Emerson motor tags, especially 77646s.And if your thinking that they need the date code to order parts, why?

Could this mean the fan was made to be sold one year but didn't get sold (from the factory to the dealer) and was overstamped for the next year? That little number is usually etched into the tag at the time of the tag's manufacture and not stamped other than the overstamped numbers. Put there for warrenty purposes so one could not bring in a fan and claim it was sold last year and still under warranty when the date code indicated the fan was sold 2 or more years ago?I would like to update the list where possible if readers will let me know any additional or corrected information.Photos above and below are of an 1898 Emerson "tripod" in my collection.I've never seen mention before of an Emerson "shop number" and the code number certainly isn't "stamped" into the tag but with a few exceptions of the overstampiing. Attached Image (viewed 2961 times): Last edited on Sun Aug 1st, 2010 am by Steve Stephens I would say no.From what I've seen on my 77 series fans, the numbers seem to match what I've seen in catalogs.

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