Dating anvils

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Anvil EPS, formerly ITT Grinnell, is the oldest and most complete manufacturer of engineered pipe hangers and support systems in the world.For more than 150 years, Anvil EPS has been providing high-quality engineered pipe supports and pipe support products along with design services, field services and Non Destructive Examination all with the highest levels of integrity and dedication to superior customer service.Some stake anvils have been found as well. site link) and there are others. While everyone is familiar with the anvil of today in its high state of development and graceful lines, it is doubtful i very many, even blacksmiths of the present age, would recognize the rough crude uncouth lumps of metal of primeval and medieval times as the common ancestor of our present-day anvil.The history of the anvil takes us back to antiquity, where is origin is lost.You may also arrange shipping yourself or pick up the anvil.This anvil was bought about ten years ago from an advert in the West Briton newspaper.Web Editor's note: This article was written in 1914 by Mr. It contains some good information but is obviously Anglo-centric.

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T is a coastal English town named Mousehole and it was well known as the site of a brief French invasion about the time the forge was started. Postman (with John and Julia Hatfield) Local Pick Up is Welcome Check out my other items !

- Mousehole Forge contined to use water power (heave or tilt hammers) long after other manufactures switched to mechanical hammers. This antique anvil is, as stated in very, very good cond. The H in H & M is a bit worn as is the M in Mouse and the AR in Armitage.

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