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The present invention, referred to henceforward as Reminder Ring, is a system and method for generating a ring tone or equivalent non-audio annunciation based on one or more prior audio, video, or textual conversation streams.

The invention is applicable to communications systems and associated devices, including cellular, local exchange, voice-over-IP, general purpose computers, messaging systems, gaming devices, set-top devices, PDAs, pagers, electronic books, lifestreaming systems, business, medical and other social behavior tracking and management systems, among others.

In one embodiment of the invention, a ring tone is generated from a recorded portion of a conversation with a caller.

The ring tone is subsequently played when receiving a call from the same caller, who is identified by caller ID.

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Barriers to conversation processing in the Apple i Phone, for example, appear to have been purposely placed, with designers cited publically on this point.

When a subsequent call is received from the same caller, identified by caller ID, the ring tone is played, alerting the user to the incoming call as well as the context of their prior communication. Implementation of the present invention in either context is interchangeably described herein, as both serve as equivalent platforms to the ultimate embodiment of it in small, handheld devices capable of both functions, which have become known as ‘smartphones’, a word which arose in the late 1990s, and has been defined as a phone with additional software functions.

In alternative embodiments of the invention, a prior textual or video conversation is used as the basis for a ring tone, and/or the ‘ring tone’ is delivered by other than audio means. However, despite a vast market and though it's quickly become one word, the currently extant “Smart Phone” products still don't make the leap across the gap, to combine the “Smart” and “Phone” parts significantly.

Though some relatively feeble attempts to add a bit of face to the interface, such as with programs like Facebook, have succeeded quickly and been imitated by others, most have focused on growing a network faster rather than representing and relating it to each user in a better way.

This has further led to a fractured social graph with multiple modes of not just communication, but representation also, with competing networks, identity management and user interfaces.

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