Dating customs from portugal

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When a young man finds that a damsel eyes his suit with favour, he informs a friend, and the two don their best clothes and make a ceremonious call upon the girl's father.

If the parents are satisfied, a certain trial time of some months is arranged for, and the young people see what they can of each other, or " keep company " during this period.

Women dress in extremely colourful and rich costumes, often in red and white, and wear several long ornate gold necklaces, covering their heads with a scarf.

In Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro shepherds wear straw cloaks, while the wearing of black for protracted periods of mourning is common especially in villages in the interior of Portugal.

But both must beware of making presents which bring ill-luck, such as pictures of saints or books. Neither should any person offer a comb, clearly because witches so often use one ; scissors, not, as the northern people say, because they cut love, but because in Venice they signify a sharp tongue.

Portugal has some superb gastronomy guaranteed to delight your taste buds.

Mark's Day a buttonhole of rosebuds, at Martinmas roast chestnuts, at Christmas a box of almond paste and a jar containing a curious confection of fruit and raw mustard seed.

The girl gives in return neckties and kerchiefs embroidered with his name, or two hearts, as a tribute of her affection.

A curious piece of conventionality hems in the Tuscan maiden.

Just as among old-fashioned folk in England at the beginning of the century it was thought incorrect for a betrothed girl to visit her future husband's house, so the young Tuscan peasant of our day is ordered, as she values her reputation, never to approach her lover's dwelling, and even in her walks to avoid it.

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