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weir also writes a column for the falls church news-press which is published on the "national commentary" page.'s crystal ice (russia 1) took the lead after the short program at the 2017 world junior synchronized skating championships in mississauga, ontario.

in the free program, he was unable to complete his triple axel combination, fell on a triple loop and doubled several of his planned combinations.

he came in seventh at skate canada after spraining his ankle on a jump landing at the start of the free skate and struggling through the rest of the program,[55] and third at cup of russia.

preparation for the 2009–2010, season weir went to top skating choreographer david wilson to create his competitive programs.

the 2010 winter olympics in vancouver, two canadian broadcasters were homophobic during weir's performances, making derogatory comments about his sexuality and presentation..

2013 weir skated in the artistry on ice show which toured in china.[11][14] in january 2008, the pair won the bronze medal at the canadian nationals but during the exhibition buntin injured his shoulder, with which he had previous problems, as a result of a timing soon as the figure skating season wraps up for her, spring training begins for addition to highlights from the current issue, past issues of skating magazine are available in the archive area..has won at least one figure skating medal in 18 consecutive olympic winter games, dating back to 1948 when dick button won his first olympic gold medal.[19][20] seeing the blood, duhamel suggested they stop but he decided to continue and they finished the program without a championships in 2011, and the isu sanctioned the first world competition in 2005.[71] he then went on to the nhk trophy in late november, where he competed while suffering from a severe cold but still managed to win his second silver medal of the season.'s a challenge the two olympic athletes accept wholeheartedly, though it has brought about its fair share of relationship hurdles.[39] subsequently, nbc named weir and tara lipinski to its figure skating coverage team in sochi.

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