Dating management consultant

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” “Consulting struck me as my ideal future career after I quickly began researching everything there was to know about it after simply hearing about it through word of mouth.I was immediately captivated by the dynamic and fascinating world of consulting, and began taking interest in studying cases.New ideas and strategies while working on the projects, finding different ways of doing things more effectively; I started feeling enthralled.While looking for a better change, I was going through the net, after having decided to match my achievements with a more challenging career that I could possibly find. ” I started dating the Management Consulted website and began loving it.

It requires a broad knowledge and a high-level, big-picture understanding of the company and its markets.In addition, the clientele were very successful in their own right, many being executives of Fortune 500 companies.I saw many different management styles and personalities, which fed my curiosity about what makes a business succeed where others fail.For instance, we examined predatory pricing in the airline industry and illegal product tying by Apple, Microsoft, and AT&T. Although the court ruled in favor of Church and Dwight, we argued the opposite in our paper.For our final project, the class was broken into small groups and each group wrote a 40 page paper examining a thesis in an industry of their choosing. The project was a huge success and the course was extremely rewarding and left me hungry to explore careers, like consulting, where I could employ similar analytic skills.”Why we liked it: We loved the concept of a “happy accident” and were super intrigued with your story.

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