Dating mossberg rifles

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Walnut oil finished pistol grip target stock with cheek piece, 1.25" swivels, 4 position adjustable front swivel.

Plain pistol grip walnut stock, forearm with finger grooves made to NRA specifications.

Arranging to add the serial numbers required by the British Government took time, and the first 2,500 rifles left the factory not so marked. S102 rear sights were on early production models but discontinued as the military removed them.

Thus the latter three-quarters of that contract ran from serial number 2501 to 10,000, and no earlier numbering should be seen. in large numbers during the war for preliminary training are notoriously weak in their sighting equipment, so to meet the demand for more serviceable sights, we offer :—This rifle is worthy of good sighting equipment, so we have adapted our Receiver type Sportarget aperture backsight to replace the original frail and unsatisfactory aperture backsight provided by the makers. "United States Property" stamped on barrels and receivers.

Just two years into the 1939-45 War, Britain was suffering a serious shortage of suitable training rifles. were already supplying much miltary materiél, and a request was made for a consignment of .22 rimfire rifles suitable for the purpose.

With all local manufacturers committed to the far higher priority of Service arms production, there were simply not enough small calibre rifles to go round. The Mossberg Model 42 rifle was a sporting/target based design which offered an excellent basis on which minor modifications could comparatively easily be made to current production lines; the substitution of the three-quarter length stock with a full-length military style stock being the most significant and obvious.

Exploded View, Parts List , General Instructions22 lr,l,s, 7-shot detachable box magazine.

Two-piece Mannlicher type stock with cheekpiece and pistol grip, swivels.

Many were damaged, and Parker-Hale modified one of their "Sportarget" rear-sights with a bracket to fit the left-hand side of the Mossberg receiver. having been updated to the post war specification have the wartime code for the upgrade company and year date stamped on the receiver ring.

Local Defence Volunteer units ( latterly Home Guard) were utilising almost anything on which they could lay their hands, and such small-bore rifles as were in stock with gunsmiths or manufacturers were taken over by the War Office for distribution anywhere thay might be of value for economical trainig purposes. The initial contract, in June 1941, was for 10,000 rifles.

Previous to this date, Mossberg had used only a letter code on their production rather than serial numbers.

The grooves 0.084, lands 0.086 wide and 0.0025 deep, plus or minus 0.0002.

Ivory bead front sight, open rear, adjustable for elevation only. Exploded View 2 Piece Bolt , Exploded View 1 Piece Bolt Special thanks to Mosscoll for the Photo's. Plain straight grip walnut stock, grooved slide handle.

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