Dating on mobile phone

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"In texting, a man can pull back quickly if he gets rejected, and it's easier to say 'no' to the guy because you're not having to confront the guy." Men and women are adjusting to this new reality of dating in a mobile-dependent society.According to a report released this year by Nielsen based on actual phone bills of mobile contract subscribers, about 764 text messages per person were sent/received each month in the USA in 2012, compared with about 165 mobile calls per month.Hearing someone's voice on the phone is still a key element for a relationship, yet people are increasingly more likely to rely on the relative "safety" of a text for initial contacts as well as keeping in touch as a relationship develops.Although the survey was commissioned by two niche dating websites — Christian and — their members did not participate.They've grown up with group activities and are more comfortable in packs. First dates are largely a chemistry check anyway, and to many young adults, the one-on-one time spent on an actual date feels too much like a commitment.

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Palmer says men traditionally make the first move and women respond, which she says is "very difficult" for men.Rather, an independent research firm conducted the survey in May.The data illustrate just how much mobile technology has altered dating behavior, communication and expectations for romance.The rise of text in the world of dating is another indication of how much has changed in the way relationships develop.Young adults are used to being overscheduled and multitasking.

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