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It is of utmost importance to consider these issues to ensure you avoid dangerous situations that may come about through meeting a person online. Do not give anyone personal information about you like your address, phone number, school you attend, places you frequent or a social security number. Do not divulge any information that will lead to revealing personal information.For example, if you mention a specific teacher at your school by name, a person may be able to figure out what school you attend.One can lie about anything like his/her age, height, etc.Dangers of virtual dating have materialized in the form of murders, abductions and rapes.There are benefits to online dating for teens that may make it well worth the effort.However, there are several safety issues, especially for young people.Also if you play for a sports team, a person may be able to track down a practice field where you frequent. Talk on the phone; you are less likely to be fooled by a person's age or even gender.Just be sure to be careful about giving out your phone number. Talk to friends and family about someone you are interested in on the Internet.

The activity of online dating or online dating service is meant to provide Internet as a dating medium for people.

Off the shelf dating site software is a better bet than developing from scratch in most cases but most packages tend to be buggy and the support costs can add up.

My money has always been on using white label services. White labeling services help negate operational costs, and help entrepreneurs build a profitable businesses extremely quickly by granting them access to an existing base of users.

Rather than start one generic site, I'd recommend starting a number of niches.

Niche dating sites tend to convert better than generic sites and tend to garner more word-of-mouth exposure amongst their target audiences because of their more focused approach.

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