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The same party who is now calling for the heads of all Republicans because of the emails sent by a fruitcake.

It really would be laughable if it weren’t so sick.

So, having pointed out the hypocrisy of the Dems and their incessant overplaying of anything to take our minds off the reality that they have nothing to run on, If their plan works and they win both houses of congress, what would the result be?

Radical leftists take over congressional committees; initiate impeachment hearings; pull troops from Iraq - emboldening terrorists around the world resulting in increased terrorism; weaken the patriot act; cut NSA and other key terror fighting tools - again resulting in more terrorism; the borders are opened and taxes are increased - crippling the economy and sending the country into a tailspin.

On Saturday, June 8th, Leonard, Jody, Charlie, Justin and I set out to check out snow conditions on the road to Camp Loll.

The snow blanket still covering much of the forest and new life just waking up for the summer.

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It is mainly intended to spark constructive dialogue. My family has always been Church of GOD Christians (Pentecostal), by the way.Though I am not 100% sure of this last one, I find it sensible that if that there must be a heaven, then there must be a hell.The Jehovah Witnesses seem to believe that only heaven exists.Salivating Demoncrats, barren of ideas and obsessed with sex, especially of the deviant kind, are seizing the opportunity to overplay FORMER rep. Foley, a rump ranger with a particular interest in young males, was caught - not quite with his pants down - but rather with his PDA in one hand and something else in the other. Unlike the Demoncrats who actually celebrate party officials who get caught in deviancy, the Republicans deal with theirs. He was censured by the house in which he turned his back as charges were read against him, and then the Dems gave him a standing ovation!I'm not sure how this might either be possible or gratifying, but leave it to the same group of people that came up with such winners as "feltching", "gerbil insertion" and "glory holes" to figure it out - oh yeah, remember they're main stream and should be allowed to marry, have children and are no different than anyone else. - maybe for his bravery, or maybe for his accomplishment for having butt banged a young boy - how admirable. At the same time, a Republican, Daniel Crane from Illinois, was "doing" a female page.

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