Dating templates for solcial engine

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Moz have a great interactive SERP feature graph that allows you to select SERP features that are important to you and see the percentage of queries that shows that particular feature.For example, results from HTTPS domains have gradually seen higher exposure on SERPs from roughly 74% to 75.5% within the last 30 days.Statistics help us turn data into information, allowing us to make informed and rational decisions and that's exactly the purpose of this article.

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This is probably due to the slow internet connection and the lack of mobile-friendly sites which hindered an easy user experience.Metrics that show higher engagement rather than what content is written on the page have a larger impact on ranking.Time on site, pages per session and bounce rate are metrics that indicate a higher quality of result to Google and therefore are prioritized higher.According to Net Market Share the global marketing share percentage, in terms of the use of Search Engines heavily favoured Google throughout 2017 - averaging a net share of 74.54%.This again reinforces the fact that Google is the market leader, however, it also highlights that the "Others" such as Yahoo, Bing and Baidu etc still hold a large audience and it would be silly to simply ignore them (averaging between 5-10% market share).

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