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Through Economic Action Plan 2014, the Government of Canada has devoted million over five years to this Action Plan. The Government of Canada is taking action by supporting: This Action Plan, together with other federal support for shelters, family violence prevention, and increasing economic and leadership opportunities for Aboriginal women, will result in an investment by the Government of Canada of nearly 0 million over five years, starting in 2015--17.This is in addition to other investments, including ongoing funding for shelters on reserve, violence prevention and deterrence activities, and the creation of a DNA Missing Persons Index. Violent crime against women and girls continues to be an issue in our country.Learn how a supportive and caring adult can help a child overcome childhood trauma and exposure to violence.Up to 1 billion children, aged 2-17 years, have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional violence or neglect in the past year.In order to better understand the nature and extent of police-reported cases involving missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada, the RCMP recently conducted an analysis of files from police organizations from across the country of all historical female missing persons, as well as female homicide cases between 19.The data confirms the over-representation of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada, and sheds greater light on the circumstances of these deaths and disappearances.

The Government of Canada is deeply concerned about the high incidence of family violence and violent crime against Aboriginal women, and the number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada.Violent crime committed against Aboriginal women and girls must be strongly denounced – by the communities in which it occurs, and by all Canadians.We must prevent such violence, and ensure a strong law enforcement and justice system is in place to support victims and bring those who commit these acts to justice. As part of our Government's longstanding commitment to protect the vulnerable and safeguard Canadians, my colleagues – the Ministers of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Justice, Public Safety and Canadian Heritage – and I are releasing this .Far too many families have been affected by violent crime and its aftermath.I have met personally with many affected families and communities, listened to their stories, and witnessed their pain.

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