Dating website rejects ugly people

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However it could not just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet.We guess he means that they also have to be trodden underfoot with sharp stilettos.In response to the attack, the 35,000 members that originally joined were subject for a re-vote.The end result: 30,000 were denied access to the site, and were refunded the money they paid -- a combined 0,000 or so.Last year, about 5,000 members were removed from the site after they had appeared to put on weight over Christmas.

The site posts applicants' photographs alongside information about their weight and height and ask candidates to describe their "body type" as well as whether they own a car or home along with their zodiac sign.

One of the most controversial dating sites on the web has been hit by a supposed malware attack.

Critics, however, suggest that the attack is nothing more than a media stunt to garner attention to the site.

Cluley suggests the whole thing could be a hoax intended to draw attention to the site.

A dating website for pretty people who do not want to be saddled with old blokes with beer guts has got itself into even more hotwater.

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