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Nevertheless, strategies will need to combine measures to protect the health budget and to prioritise sectors and groups and to preserve and even strengthen the quality and efficiency of the health sector performance.

The conference is expected to gather be- tween 300 and 400 professionals from Eu- rope, Asia and America.

It is difficult to predict all that 2010 has in store for us, but it will not be boring.

We have had a few highlights already and there are more to come, including: On the occasion of the 126th World Health Organization Ex-• ecutive Committee Session from 18-27 January, WMA, togeth- er with our partners in the World Health Professions Alliance, urged that the draft “Global Code of Practice on International No time for depression – a busy year ahead for WMA Editorial 2 WMA news In order to discuss the implications of the fi- nancial crisis for health, the World Medical Association in cooperation with the Latvian Medical Association will organise the two days conference on “The Financial Crisis – Implications for Health Care. Conference will take place in Riga, Latvia on 10th and 11th September, 2010.

Since the begin- ning of the crises, analyses of its impact on the health sector have been undertaken in many countries and a range of recommen- dations and strategies has been suggested to the governments.

Clearly, the responses will vary from country to country.

Yet their delay will give us more opportunities to emphasize the health effects of cli- mate change.

To mitigate those effects will be crucial, but our ability to respond to climate change also must be examined.

Dana HANSON WMA President Fredericton Medical Clinic 1015 Regent Street Suite # 302, Fredericton, NB, E3B 6H5 Canada Dr. Guy DUMONT WMA Chairperson of the Associate Members 14 rue des Tiennes 1380 Lasne Belgium Dr. Jens Winther Jensen WMA Chairperson of the Medical Ethics Committee Danish Medical Association 9 Trondhjemsgade 2100 Copenhagen 0 Denmark Prof. Otmar KLOIBER WMA Secretary General 13 chemin du Levant France 01212 Ferney-Voltaire France World Medical Association Officers, Chairpersons and Officials Official Journal of the World Medical Association Opinions expressed in this journal – especially those in authored contributions – do not necessarily reflect WMA policy or positions net 1 Signs are good that the economic downturn is behind us, and the challenges before us will not allow us to continue lamenting about it.

But Haiti also reminds us how unequally resources, including medical resources, are distributed in the world and that our efforts to expand the quali- fied, adequately equipped health work force still have far to go.

Nu- merous countries are in a perpetual state of emergency,without hav- ing experienced an earthquake or other calamity, and they deserve our attention and help as well. And when some say they never have seen a catastrophe equal to the one Haiti,maybe it is because we are constantly turning our eyes away from places like Darfur and certain areas of Sub- Saharan Africa.

Masami ISHII WMA Vice-Chairman of Council Japan Medical Assn 2-28-16 Honkomagome Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113-8621 Japan Dr. Yoram BLACHAR WMA Immediate Past-President Israel Medical Assn 2 Twin Towers 35 Jabotinsky Street P. However, it will be interesting to see whether there are real lessons- learned from this crisis or whether we all fall back to business as usual, unable to process those lessons, unable to implement change.

Mukesh HAIKERWAL WMA Chairperson of the Finance and Planning Committee 58 Victoria Street Williamstown, VIC 3016 Australia Prof. Desai WMA President-Elect Indian Medical Association Indraprastha Marg New Delhi 110 002 I. During the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, in September of last year, politicians achieved results which, in scien- tific terms,would be considered as “suboptimal”.

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