Dating your boss

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A predictable question of the environment will be: since when are you in love with the boss and since when does this relationship already exist?

In the case of the latter question, suspicions are indispensable.

Anyone who sees the desire for genuine love in the will want to find a heart and want to know: Is my boss in love with me?

The good news in advance: Love in the workplace is gaining more acceptance. According to this, just under a fifth of respondents surveyed in Germany have already fallen in love with the workplace.These are the top most things to do when you have a crush on your boss. Once you have clarified all the doubts for the boss, you must decide whether to move forward or not.In the process, if you came to the realization that you are actually interested in the person and not in his/her position, you should go a step further.At the start your colleagues will doubt your promotions (if you got), the quality of your work and some may even think that you did this just to get higher in the company.However, eventually everyone will get used to it and you can enjoy being in love at your workplace without any troubles.

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