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I can teach you new ways to think about this topic, and a results-based approach to physical contact that starts as soon as you're talking to the woman.

I'll teach you how to communicate sexual comfort to women in a way that increases female sexual receptiveness.

Once again, I will tell you the EXACT WORDS I use when generating attraction in the first few hours of intereaction.

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I've seen it with my own eyes, and I've replicated his technique. While most dating gurus are great marketers and public speakers, few have my background in teaching and helping people.

Listen to my audio CDs, and you'll learn a whole new way of succeeding with women.

The first thing I'll teach is is how to develop and attractive identity.

You bet your ass you'd be projecting a lot more confidence.

You'd be able to avoid many of the traps and challenges traditional dating burdens us with.

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