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But when he implies that the judges involved were Nazis because they made a ruling that he does not agree with, claims that a child custody case is more tragic than the Oklahoma City bombing, where scores of people were killed, and then implies that "forcing" a child to live with his biological father is a fate worse than being murdered, one must question whether Prager has gone over the edge.

Re "Our Father Figure Who Art in Heaven," Column Right, Aug.

As part of a continuing effort to appeal to a younger audience, KABC-AM (790) is dropping longtime talk-show host Ira Fistell and will replace him in the weeknight schedule with media moralist Dennis Prager, who currently hosts a weekend show at the station.

American host Prager was born on 2nd August 1948 in New York, United States. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a double major in anthropology and history.

Prager writes Syndicate column which is published in the newspaper over the country and on the internet.

His writing is also published in national and international publications.

Regarding "The Court That Cut the Baby in Half," by Dennis Prager, Commentary, May 16: There are pretty good arguments for both litigants in this tragic case, but it seems to me that Prager's response to this court decision raises more questions about him than it does about our judicial system.

Certainly Prager has a right to his opinion regarding the decision.

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