Derek jeter dating 22 year old

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“I enjoy hearing personal stories—someone saying they just graduated or saying all the influence the program had on their lives.That’s what makes you feel good because you can’t impact everyone but when you hear the stories of the people you did impact, it makes you feel like what you’re doing is worthwhile.” Nor is Turn 2’s goal one to which its founder only pays lip service.To date, more than million has been awarded in grants for healthy-living programs in the target cities, and thousands of children have benefited from the school programs, summer camps, baseball clinics and other activities that are all part of Jeter’s vision.When asked what he was most proud of, given all the tremendous work his foundation has done, Jeter beamed and immediately answered that it was hearing from the students and their families following graduation.Sources say the Yankee slugger is trying to keep his hot new honey a secret from the media.

Sitting in a Detroit hotel room in 1996 and sharing a pizza with his dad, the 22-year-old rookie and Yankee phenom shared his dream of starting a foundation that would help equip kids to make the best possible choices for their lives and their futures.

“But not as many people have thought about the number of times I failed in order to have 3,000 successes.

I’ve had more than 6,600 times I’ve come up and not gotten a hit.

1 spot as baseball’s most marketable player for endorsement deals in a 2011 Nielsen survey.

Jeter was rated as having the highest level of “sincerity, approachability, experience and influence” of any player currently in the league.

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