Devotional for a dating couple

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So when God created man and woman, he made us the way we are — with the differences of manhood and womanhood — so that we would be suited for these complementary roles (and for the other expressions of complementarity outside marriage). And sin distorted the woman’s support and honor into manipulation or defiance or helplessness or some other distortion of true biblical submission.

In this drama, man was meant to play the role of Christ, and the woman was meant to play the role of his bride the church. And sin did not bring diversified, complementary roles into existence. Before sin ever entered the world, God ordained and fitted Adam to be a loving, caring, strong leader for his wife Eve. So what Paul did in Ephesians 5 (as we saw last week) is call for a recovery of God’s original idea.

And we have stressed for five weeks now that these differences are not the result of sin. And before sin entered the world, God ordained and fitted Eve to be a partner who supports and honors that leadership and helps carry it through. He doesn’t abolish what God created at the beginning.

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