Expectation dating

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"Looking is natural, and it's not even unhealthy as long as it's looking," Nik says.

Obviously, if your husband is full-on flirting with another woman (beautiful or not), confront him about his behavior. To give up his passions, whether professional or personal.

I remember thinking about college when I was a senior in high school.

My friends and I were all convinced that the college dating scene would be so much different.

Here, experts draw the line between what's acceptable and what's simply asking too much.

Whatever your issue is with his mother—maybe he sometimes puts her first over you or you two simply don't get along—drop it for your husband's (and your relationship's) sake.

That said, balance is key: His passion shouldn't deny you regular family time or a weekly date night.

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Reality: Guys will keep you confused and waiting for hours… Expectation: You two will cook together in your cute little college apartment, and basically play house. Expectation: Sex will be better because you’ve both had more experience. Expectation: You and your dates will have way more privacy because you don’t live with your parents.Sure, some people meet the love of their life in college. I was single throughout most of college, and I will never regret that. Here’s what dating in college is really like: expectations vs. Expectation: You think the guys will all be SO much more mature than they were in high school.But a lot of people stumble along, meeting tons of Mr. I heard this a million times in high school: “College guys are so much more mature and better, just wait.” Um, no. Reality: Most of them seem to have regressed in age, maybe. Expectation: You’ll go on sophisticated dates where you go to a fancy restaurant wearing something fabulous (like in the magazines). You guys go to a frat party and then pass out in a cramped bed in a tiny dorm room.Obviously, we were basing all of the ideas off of all the movies and TV shows about college out there.The truth is, dating in college isn’t nearly as great as you think it will be.

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