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Now that she and rapper Young Dro are over, she has started dating North Carolina T-Mobile salesman Antwaun Cook.

They actually met at his store in Charlotte back in August.

Daily affirmations posted on her mirror — “You are strong,” “You are wise” — and a copy of self-help bible The Power of Now keep her grounded today.The connotive term is usually a description of a persons action or self. A celeb is just another human being who does things that other human beings do. She is not the only one that's into that others just haven't been caught yet.That's what happens when you put "them" (celebs) on a pedalstal thinking that they will do no wrong. She is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful gift that has been been through a lot of heartache from a young age, she is just continuing the cylce.I am going through this mess and I feel sorry for the children! so if anything everyone should be saying somethin about him and if his wife that he has is not pleasing him and he felt they were no longer anything he should have divorsed her then talked to fanny!!! to anybody who would never do that mess themselves, but has a friend in their ear who they know would say some dumb sh*t about how it's okay, or they've done it, or a good hustle, "situation" etc. How can they do that if outsiders are constantly tryna get in? to the girl who said she avoids the attention of the fine man, there's is no respect in him, but there is a lot in you. Fanny aint all that rich with an almost foreclosure last year so I doubt its all about money. Money he's probably sending to his wife with her blessing! And she moved him in to her place..her daughter.... If you are a cheater man or woman you are the scum of the earth and I have no respect for a weak ass person that is not man or woman enough to have a relationship with someone without ruining others lives (especially children) in the process. Fox With Foolishness» Married Pastor Gets BLASTED On Facebook By Alleged Side Chick For CHEATING- RECEIPTS! Kelly’s Lawyer, Publicist & Assistant Reportedly Jump Ship Amid Reports He Gave 19-Year-Old Herpes» Paula Patton's Man Says He's 'Only Married By Law,' Paula Brings Him On TV & Gushes 'I'm In Love!My husband cheated with a person at his office, and I guess it did not matter to either of them they both had a spouses... so the people that we should be mad and dissipointed at should be his wife cuz she dnt no how to keep her husband!! and does anyone no who his wife is cuz i would like to hear how she feels about this situatuation. tonya: Pray for Fanny to get the sprit of humility, obedience, and how to handle fame and fortune with respect and dignity. It HAS to be something more to his marriage ending then Fanny. The way the economy is, anything is possible....she's not now nor has she ever been cute...a grip Fantasia...he's not with you for you..up... The child thought her dad was going to be daddy dro..."o" No... Not suprised Fanny is loving for love and she must love herself first and I know its going to be hard... This homely ass looking bitch should get a huge tattoo to cover up her hideous ass face!! Lyfe Jennings Pulls A Baby Stunt On Social Media & You’ll Never Guess Why » Dominique Perry Welcomes Baby Girl, And The Father Is Reportedly Her 'Insecure' Co-Star! '» This Is How Kevin Hart & Family Do Lunch & Ice Cream In LA Rasheeda Celebrates Birthday With Estranged Husband Kirk Frost » FAMILY IN PARIS!

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