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The working hours are Monday to Sunday Monday-Sunday 7am-10am EST, and weekends 9pm-11pm. They want native speaking teachers with a degree, a ESL certificate and experience. They pay between - USD per hour for individual classes, - for specialized English classes and - for group classes with incentives.Teachers can work as much or as little as they want, or they can work pre-scheduled shifts where teachers get paid no matter if there is a student or not. Click here for the Zamenhof review page ABC International Group is looking for native speakers from the US and Canada with a bachelors degree (ESL certificate preferred) and at least 1 year of teaching experience to teach mostly 1to1 classes.Personally, I teach English face-to-face in the morning and online with Skype in the afternoon.This is a list of online English teaching companies.They teach 25 minute classes to children and 50 minute classes to adults.

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You do not need to know Japanese culture but it is a plus. The teach many languages and students get to choose their teacher. Click here for the comments and the Rype review page.Teaching English online is a great way to earn money from home.If you are qualified you shouldn’t have any troubles getting a job and by qualified I mean that you have a university degree, a CELTA or TESL certificate and some teaching experience.Global Mate New York (GMNY) teaches mostly South Korean professionals and students ages 19-50. Click here for the comments and the Global Mate New York review page. They hire the best candidates so non-native speakers are welcome. They teach both general and business English in group classes. Western Wise (website is down) is a small American company that teaches Chinese children aged 5-14.They are only looking for native speakers with a North American accent.

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