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Petplan’s breeder scheme offering free 30-day policies to customers has been used by criminal dealers such as Louise Poulton, left, to pose as respectable breeders and lure clients.Poulton, from Solihull, West Midlands, was convicted after a police and RSPCA raid on a farm where she and partner Sean Kerr sold sick and dying puppies, such as the one above We have learned of at least two appalling cases of criminal gangs of puppy farmers who were signed up to the Petplan scheme.Squirt them or use whip to crack in yard.’The authorities had been alerted after a string of puppies sold to new owners died within days of being bought from the squalid farm.The raid resulted in Sean Kerr, 52, being jailed for six months in February after being found guilty of six charges of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs and three counts of failing to meet the needs of a number of dogs.A third kennel is still trading and offering the company’s insurance despite an appalling record of sick and dying pups.Earlier this year, in a case involving puppy farmers who were signed up to Petplan and making huge profits selling shih tzus and pugs, police and RSPCA officers raided a stable block in Solihull, West Midlands, where they found horrific scenes.Along with a ‘veneer of respectability’, breeders who register with Petplan are also given welcome packs including 30 days’ free insurance cover to offer puppy buyers.

She and her brother Julian King raked in about £8,000 a week between them by selling puppies in poor health to unwitting animal lovers.One undercover RSPCA investigator who worked on the case said: ‘Petplan’s scheme is inadvertently encouraging massive puppy production.’The Manchester case resulted in three couples being jailed for a total of 50 weeks after admitting a string of animal welfare offences.The gang were selling puppies of various breeds, including chihuahuas, pomeranians, spaniels, shih tzus and Yorkshire terriers, for between £550 and £650 each.When arrested, Banks, 29, was found to have dead puppies in the boot of her Mercedes.The gang were registered with Petplan and offered the insurance cover with their dogs, some of which had just days to live.

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