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All sorts of elements now come to this club, often using abusive language over drinks.

I cannot bring my family and children here now.” Kakade added, “The club gets certain benefits from the government and Municipal Corporation, they in turn charge us hefty membership fees.

Until then, I only used to give massages to men at Girgaum chowpatty. Before I even realised it, I was transformed from a masseur to a gigolo.

This portal will help you finding easy sex in your city and connects to male and female in a city.He used to sleep with her but was not really inclined. From earning barely nothing at the tea stall to Rs200 a massage at Chowpatty, I’ve come a long way. All are from affluent families but have problems with their husbands or their sex lives.Today, as a gigolo, I make good money as I cater essentially to high-profile women. To advertise my services, I got my cellphone number printed on pamphlets that are tacked up on tree trunks around Lokhandwala Complex. In fact, others in this vicinity go about it in a similar way.There also have been reports of groups turning loud and violent vitiating the atmosphere of their middle class club.Rajesh Kakade, who has been a member of this club for over 18 years said, “The environment at the club has deteriorated to that of a bar that has a quarter system.

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