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Brokers us ally charge a fee or receive a commission for their services.

A provision of a note that allows the lender to require repayment of the loan in full before the end of the loan term.

Typically, the balloon payment may be due at the end of five, seven, or ten years.

Borrowers with balloon loans may have the right to refinance the loan when the balloon payment is due, but the right to refinance is not guaranteed.

This fee is paid to the outside appraisal company we engage to objectively determine the fair market value of your property.

When the lender and/or the home builder subsidized the mortgage by lowering the interest rate during the first few years of the loan.

While the payments are initially low, they will increase when the subsidy expires.

The fee may include the cost of obtaining a property appraisal, a credit report, and a lock-in fee or other closing costs incurred during the process or the fee may be in addition to these charges.

An appraisal is a written analysis of the estimated value of your property.

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